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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Woe is me, lol. It is so sad that I only manage to post after 4 YEARS!!!!! I obviously have absolutely no life worth posting about, lol. I have, however, been knitting like a crazy person. The water at my daughter's church must be contaminated! I have knitted 8 baby afghans in the last few months and have to have another 4 ready before June. At least I have 1 of them already finished. It got to the point that I was finishing them the night before the baby shower. I did create a cute baby afghan pattern that I will post here with a pic as soon as I finish writing it out.

I still need to knit me a few new dishclothes too. I can't believe I gave away dishcloths at Christmas without taking pics of them. I made those on purpose just to get pics! Now I am going to have to make them again to get the pics :( I never make the same thing twice, so at least it will be a new experience :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Worse Blogger!!!!

O.K. I am an even worse blogger than I previously thought, lol. I can't believe it has been over a year since I have been on here. Shame, shame on me! Maybe the fact that I haven't really been knitting as much this year may have something to do with it, but I have finally broken out of the startitis blues and decided to start something totally new to me. I am actually knitting with 2 colors!!!! I know, I know, you too are amazed by my new ability. The trick will come if the knitting actually fits!

Arm Snugglies from Nov 2007 Creative Knitting Magazine

In the mean time I have made a few sets of mittens and baby booties. (I will also add that picture later:)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am a TERRIBLE Blogger!!

I can't believe that my last post was in JUNE!!! Well, here are some reasons I haven't been blogging.
1. Summer happened and instead of slowing down, life went into turbo mode.
2. School started.
3. School started.
4. School started.
5. I have actually been knitting!!!

As a side note:
Wind returned sun with a vengence!! We had the hottest summer in years.

Now for our regularly scheduled program:
As for the onesockitis. I couldn't shake it:( It hung on all summer until I admitted defeat and gave up on the other hand sock. Instead I created a whole new mitten couple Mr. Right-Left and Mrs. Right-Left came to life one cold day after hearing daughter complain for the 1 millionth time that her hands were cold. I am honored to introduce to you for the first time Mr. & Mrs. Right-Left!!!

And I, being their matchmaker, shall tell you the secret of my success.

Shhh..... remember it's a secret!

Mr. & Mrs. Left-Right Mitts

These seamless mitts are started at the finger end, so that after the thumb hole is made you can knit the wrist as long as you want.

Size: Women's average

Materials: Worsted yarn, size 7 needles, tapestry needle

Gauge: About 5 sts to 1" in K2, P2 rib, slightly stretched

-CO 36 sts. Join, being careful not to twist the stitches.
-Knit 2, Purl 2 around for as long as you want the finger part. You can try them on to see exactly how long you want it.
-On the last round bind off 4 stitches anywhere, then finish round.
(I bound off my stitches opposite the starting point because it seemed sturdier to me, but you can do it anywhere.)
-Now knit back and forth for 6 more rows, slipping the first stitch on each row for a nice finished edge. You can knit less rows back and forth for a smaller thumb hole if you want.
-At the end of the 6th (or any even) row cast the 4 stitches back on and join again. Knit in established pattern until the wrist is as long as you want. BO loosely in pattern & weave in ends. If you want you can pick up and knit the stitches to around the thumb hole to make a thumb.
I am going to put a thumb on the next pair I make and I will let you know how it worked. I wore these one day and I didn't like the way the thumb hole stretched because of the K2, P2.
The next set of projects was a dishcloth family. Isn't the baby cute? The "N" cloth is not that color. The camera didn't like the original color no matter what I did. The orange should be a regular orange. Not red-orange!! I know the electronics in this house have lives of their own, but you would think that they would cooperate once in a while! Maybe I need to get them to watch Sesame Street. You know "cooperation makes it happen, cooperation working together".

The next project:

loretta lynn poncho

This was a fun project. It used fat yarn, so it went very quickly. It is the perfect thing to wear up here where you never know what the weather is going to be like until you step outside.

And last, but not least! (drum roll please) My first sweater!!!!

Denim Duo Cardigan

Sorry, but you have to buy this one. It is only 99 cents though. The odd thing about this sweater is that what you see is supposed to be the inside. They wanted it worn the purl side out! I don't think so. I made many, many mistakes on this one. When I started I didn't realize what dk weight yarn was and I wanted it a little bigger. I used worsted weight, which would have been great and probably the right size, but I also added about 1/2 to each side. It is way too big, but it is still warm and is nicer than the house sweater it was made to replace. I learned several lessons while knitting it, so I am content. The next one will be better!!! Well, I must return to the real world, so farewell for now.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wind's Crime

Now for the chatty part of our program.
I have a sneaky suspicion that a crime has been committed. I think that Wind has killed or at least kidnapped Sun and blown clouds over the sky so it would not be noticed. Observe these photos! This is what we have seen almost constantly since November!

Sun has not been seen since Thanksgiving! It has either rained or snowed almost every day. Today it rained so hard that there are small lakes everywhere. Son almost got hit by lightening!!! It has been sucking the energy from everyone including me. That is why there has been no new blog activity. I have done very little knitting recently. I think that is Wind's agenda; deleting knitting from this part of the world! How evil!!!! I thought that if I exposed his intentions he could no longer complete his plan and he would have to return Sun to his rightful place in the sky. I will keep you posted as to whether this announcement has helped Sun return or if Wind has indeed banished him forever.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Oh no! I thought it would never happen to me. The dreaded onesockitis. I have made many, many pairs of socks and always, I could not wait to make the mate. Now I have been brought low by a hand sock! Behold, the culprit!

Having never worked with sock weight yarn before, I did not realize how evil its intentions were. It kept me busy trying to corral its wayward strands, picking up stitches that I kept dropping because I could not see them. My eyes ache at the thought of starting its mate, however, I cannot convince my youngling to just keep one hand in her pocket. I go now back into the beasts lair to see if I can lure the other hand sock into being. Do not wait for me, I may not return.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Felt Monster Vanquished

I have done it! I have vanquished the evil felt monster! He had a poor purse (made of WOTA) held hostage. This is what it looked like before he pursenapped it.

Booga Bag - Dimentions: 17 1/2" side to side, 15 3/4" tall, 5" across bottom, 73 1/2" i-cord handle

It was nice and soft and wobbly and very large. Then he got it in his grip! and horrors of horrors! he shrunk it!

Booga Bag - Dimentions: 14 1/4" side to side, 9 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" across bottom, 49" i-cord handle

But our hero (me) managed to wrest it from his steaming grasp. With a lot of TLC I managed to recesitate it and even convince it that its life is not over. That its form will still bring joy to those who look upon it. I believe I have made a life long friend.

Testing 1...2...3...Testing.

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